07/03/28: New photos added
We added new photos from Black Spring Festival, Kaunas, that took place in February 23!
06/11/08: New photographs
We added photos from DARGANA gig that took place in Kaunas, October 21st., 2006, you are welcome to see them!
06/10/11: 3 gigs kicks October
Hi there!!! Ruination will play 3 gigs follow on this month with new female vocalist:
October 21st-headlining in Kaunas (DZEM'PUB, laisves av. 59-5floor).
October 28th-headlining in Siauliai (Studentu kampas, ~23h on stage).
October 31st-headlining in Vilnius (Top Club,Helloween show).See you there mates!
06/08/30: Ruination opens myspace.com site
Ruination has opened a new site at myspace.com community network. You can listen to a few newest Ruination songs from BEYOND album on there: myspace.com
06/08/28: Official statement:
New vocalist - Rina Fraimanaite has joined Ruination in July 18th, 2006. She's the one and only female band member during the all Ruination's career. "Rock Nights" festival in Plateliai, August 5th, 2006 was the premiere gig with the new member of the band. It was quite a bit of discussion about the band, the new vocalist and the sound after the new member after that gig.
There's a posibility to view new good quality Ruination videos from this gig, you can connect via FTP to and go to "Ruination_video" folder. Or you can visit youtube.com for online poor quality videos. Aso, we updated the site with new photos! For now, the band has enough new materials to work on.
Let it be a surprise, we won't tell who he is now, everybody will see and hear him on August 5th, in Rock Nights festival near Plateliai lake, in Lithuania!
06/03/31: Photo gallery page just updated
We just uploaded photos from "Velniu Malunas" new year gig, which took place in Vilnius, December 28, 2005. We played here with our previous vocalist Sigitas. Thanks for such great photos goes to Aliona.
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