RUINATION roots descend down to late Fall in 1992 when guitarist AINIUS decided to find several fellows to play heavier music with. Soon afterwards current drummer of the band VYTENIS was invited to jam up. In half a year guys came up with the conclusion that tough death metal wasn't something the musicians wanted to play and music became more melodic and more expressive ever since. More serious work started in summer 1993 and already in Fall the same year the band had several songs ready, however the band itself was still nameless. And then , during a rehearsal, VYTENIS and AINIUS came up with a monicker for the band - RUINATION.

In early winter 1993 the line-up of the band completely settled down. First 3 songs of RUINATION recorded in 1994 and initial gigs begin for the band. After several live performances around Lithuania, the band decided to record a starting demo tape. Then huge line-up changes began. Two members of the gang announced they were leaving the band though they still helped recording the demo consisting of 5 tracks. "RESTS OF BEAUTY" was the name of the first demo release and RUINATION management forces got driven by a Metal band manager called SEKLA. The demo tape release was issued via local underground label DANGUS PRODUCTIONS in summer 1995 as a tape format and became one of the most successful releases for the label. Right after completion of demo recording guitarist SAULIUS joins in. At the time (back on November 28, 1995) RUINATION were participating at their very first significant gig supporting DEICIDE in Vilnius, Lithuania. Due to some obscure reasons bassist leaves the band and his replacement ANDRE enters RUINATION. So the line-up of the band got stable.

1996 was a live year for the band - 40 gigs around the whole native country Lithuania. In the end of the same year RUINATION took a ferry across the Baltic Sea to Sweden and went to ABYSS studio ( HYPOCRISY/PAIN mastermind PETER TAGTGREN 's property) when they recorded 15 tracks for their debut album. 1997 spent on the road again, gigs not only in pretty familiar towns in Lithuania, but in neighbouring Latvia as well. The very next day after the mentioned gig RUINATION celebrated their 5 anniversary in a big venue in their hometown of Vilnius along with Czech band TORTHARRY and English SEER'S TEAR. The year was finnished with a number of active gigs and a tour in Czech Republic.
In early 1998 Lithuanians got signed by a tiny Spanish label GOLDTRACK RECORDS who agreed to release debut album "VISIONARY BREED" as CD in May 98. Young musicians got financial back up from the label for their second album. There they were again along with producer PETER TAGTGREN and a sound engineer and 10 new cuts were ready for boarding. On May 4, 1999 RUINATION return back home from Sweden with their second album "XURA" recorded. Afterwards the band went on European tour and played in Wroclaw, Poland (with local bands ELYSIUM and ASGAARD), Grosreshen, Germany (with locals POSTMORTEM and SLEEPING GODS) and Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg (with native DESDEMONIA and mighty APOCALYPTICA from Finland). In 2000 RUINATION supported APOCALYPTICA again, this time in front of 4000 people crowd in capital city of Lithuania. In Latvia they played with Swedish THERION.

The band restlessly played live in Lithuania and abroad until they got an invitation to support ALICE COOPER in Lithuania. A new mini-album "DRIVE TO LIVE" was recorded in alocal Lithuanian studio. The album consists of 5 tracks is considered to be the last record of RUINATION so far. 10 year anniversary is celebrated by a solo gig. The main bone of RUINATION still are long term members of the band AINIUS, VYTENIS, SAULIUS and ANDRE. A new vocalist JONAS is baptized to the family of RUINATION in summer 2003. The band was raising up Metal scene spirit in Lithuania with their endless gigs again, they tried to experiment using back vocalists as well.

The calendar in 2004 is full with concerts once more, lots of gigs in main cities of Lithuania, RUINATION also reaches the right potential level for their third full length album named BEYOND was recorded in band's own studio, in 2004-2005. New album is also released on band's own with the intention not to give the rights to the album and songs to some label. BEYOND is being sold in Lithunania by "Muzikos Bomba" and "Dangus Productions" so far. This album was rated very good by critics, melomans and the musicians themselves not only as one of the best heavy music albums in Lithuania, but also one of the best quality album and the most interesting Ruination album in band's discography so far capable of representing Lithuanian heavy music for the whole world. The band remains faithful to the heavy scene and has enough fuel to blow Your brains out! Respect ! RUINATION!!!

In March 21st 2006 RUINATION said good bye to its vocalist Jonas Čepulis. His contract obligations to others, his solo career curves and lost interest in what RUINATION does did not let the band express itself in its daily, creative activities and touring by leaving us no other choice, only start searching for a new vocalist.

At the end of July, 2006, after the hearing and selection of candidates to take vocalist's place in the band a new vocalist - Rina has joined the band. "Rock Nights" festival in Plateliai, August 5th, 2006 was the premiere gig with the new member of the band. It was quite a bit of discussion about the band, the new vocalist and the sound after the new member after that gig.

2007 was another year of changes: RUINATION had to bid farewell to guitarist Saulius and bassist Mr. Bulkin. Guitarist Paulius and bassist Anatolij „Tolis“ Len joined the band to the  places of the former members and Veronika Jasina also came to play keyboards.  With the new members it became easier to start playing more interesting and diverse music so RUINATION became more progressive and technical. At this time the band has a lot of work on new compositions – an interesting and heavy new material for new album with a line of new gigs. After long 16 years on heavy scene, RUINATION is one of the most famous and oldest playing Lithuanian metal bands.

At the end of 2009 spring, after the bassist Anatolij Len left the band, the long-lived band member Andrius "Andre" Kraskauskas returned to the band and took bassist duties. He was absent for 5 long years and now he's ready to kick ass again.
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